Our Programs

Our Rooms

Our Compass rooms cater for children from ages 0-5 years old.


0-2 Years

Nyarnyee is our baby nursery, a beautiful environment where we cuddle and care for our 0-2 year olds. In this space, we have great areas for nurture, exploration, fun and laughter. At this age, we want to ensure  plenty of one-on one time for bottle feeding, soothing to sleep and meeting all the other needs our little ones have, helping them feel safe, secure, and right at home.


2-3 Years

Maali is the 2-3 room, where our children can learn to express themselves and learn about the world around them in the most enjoyable way. The fabulous experiences on offer allow children to explore and discover in a safe environment, whilst simply expressing the pure joy of being a child. We focus on life skills in this room, such as learning to be in a group environment and enjoying the company of other children and adults. It is a super fun space!


3-5 Years

Our children in Kalari enjoy their growing independence, whilst trying out and mastering new skills which will help them in their learning journey.

We also have Compass Kindy kicking off in 2023! Compass Kindy offers families flexibility in care, covering all the learning requirements of a school-based Kindy program with the added benefits of the hours of care and a familiar environment until Pre-Primary.

Our Curriculum

A Play-based Holistic Curriculum

Compass utilises the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide the curriculum. Brain research shows that children who have a strong sense of belonging and feel safe and secure are effective, passionate learners!

At Compass children explore with hands on, open ended, natural play-based experiences reflective of their strengths, interests and developmental needs. The first five years of life are a time for wonder, discovery and play, childhood at its very best. Our team of educators and carers know that children are natural learners, we are here to simply encourage the wonder every child is born with. For children, play is how they learn naturally and how they learn best! 

Connected Relationships

Our philosophy of education is built on many of the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach, which has a child-driven approach to learning. But we also modelled our physical designs on Reggio Emilia principles of bringing integration between the ‘classroom’ and the surrounding environment and community. On one side of the building, Compass opens onto a central piazza connecting the early learning centre to community space next door, including the local cafe, 115 Collective (One of our older kids’ favourite activities is the occasional trip to the cafe for a babycino!). On the other side, every single room opens onto our nature playground, creating space for children and their imaginations to roam free. We also run a unique program for some of our older children called “Treasuring Life,” where we connect with a nearby centre for the elderly, fostering relationships across the generations. And our kids love having animals around, like Chet our resident poodle, which keep them connected to the natural world. 

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